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PhotoStitcher Tutorials:

how to stitch photos to panorama

How to Stitch Photos to Panorama

Taking a photo of massive or large-scale objects is a real pain even for pro photographers. A breath-taking old temple barely fit the camera view. Making several shots and stitching them together into the panorama would be a solution.

how to stitch photos to panorama

How to Scan Oversized Image in Pieces and Stitch Them Together

You don't need a professional large format scanner to scan a oversized image. In fact, you can simply stitch smaller scanned pieces together. Here is how.

how to stitch microscope images

How to Seamlessly Stitch Microscope Images Together

Discover a three-click way to convert multiple microscope pictures into a single seamless image. Thanks to automatic image processing by PhotoStitcher, you can glue microscope shots together quickly and easily!

how to stitch satellite images

How to Automatically Stitch Satellite Google Earth Images

This tutorial answers a very common question: “how to make a big image from multiple small satellite photographs. With PhotoStitcher, the answer is merely three steps away!

how to auto complete panoramic image

How to Auto Complete Panoramic Image

Merging photos into a panorama often leads to unsightly empty areas on the final stitched image. Inpaint momentarily restores those black areas saving the natural non-cropped look of the photo and retaining author's composition.