How to Auto Complete Panoramic Image

Image stitching merges several photos into one continuous panoramic image, and if done properly, fixes distortions and eliminates exposure differences between photos. This results in a perfectly aligned panoramic image, yet having several dark areas, which is the result of the distortion correction procedures.

PhotoStitcher offers alternative solution! Instead of barbarically removing dark areas from the image, the program auto complete them from the surrounding parts of the photo. Here is how this can be done:

Step 1: Select your photos

Load images to PhotoStitcher

add images

Step 2: Select stitching options

Click "Stitch", select appropriate options and let the program stitch the photograph.

stitch images

Step 3: Stitch

Click the Stitch button on the toolbar to automatically combine all parts of the image to the panorama.

stitch images

Step 4: Enable Auto-Fill feature

PhotoStitcher automatically restores the information in the empty areas.

Auto Complete